Our Menu

Nature determines our menu that never changes all at once but slowly dish by dish. It is a continuous creative and organic process which starts when we select our seeds. We bring nature to your plate.



5-course Chef's menu 40 
3-course Chef's menu 35
2-course Chef's menu (Lunch only) 25


(We recommend 4 courses per person)  
Rilette of mackerel with beetroot, apple, pickle, yoghurt and sourdough croutons 10
Seasonal soup with sourdough crouton 6
Burrata with a crème of ramson and lemon oil    8
Tarte Tartin of chicory with Lady's Blue and a sherry dressing 8
Chickpea fries with Baba Ganoush and lime 7
Watermelon carpaccio with feta crumble, avocado oil en lime zest 8
Steamed bun with crispy pork belly and Kimchi    10
Roasted cauliflower with crispy capers, pickled egg yolk and brown butter 10
Fresh pasta with shellfish from the Oosterschelde, garlic and herring caviar 10
Raw marinated veal sirloin with dill en truffle potato 12
Roasted carrot with a crème of onion, parsnip chips and parsley oil      8
Green salad of wild herbs and flowers with seaweed, poached egg and elderflower dressing 8


Applecrumble with almond paste and vanilla ice cream    8
Dark chocolate mousse with citrus jelly and beetroot sorbet    8
Pavlova of pear with caramel, pecan nuts and carrot sorbet 8
Platter with different Dutch cheeses, carrot chutney and sherry PX jelly  

3 cheeses

5 cheeses 11


Hamburger of Palmenstyn veal, cowlsalad, cheese, bacon and barbecuesaus 12
Sourdough bread with tomato jam, aged goat cheese and garden greens 10
Sourdough bread with marinated veal sirloin and garden greens 11
Green salad of wild herbs and flowers, seaweed, poached egg and elderflower 9
Chickpea fries with goat's yogurt cream, mint and coriander 7
Seasonal soup with sourdough croutons 6
Fries with homemade mayonnaise 4.50
Jonathan's Bieterbal with yogurt dip (7) 6.50

Bite croquettes with mustard (7)


The menu is dictated by what we harvest in our greenhouse and gardens, our ingredients are pesticide-free and contain no artificial additives. If you suffer from a food allergy or   if you follow a special diet… please let us know so we can take it into consideration. Our kitchen is open from 12 noon.